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In 1975, Bishop Baymon accepted his call into the ministry and began to exercise his

spiritual gifts as he evangelized at many churches across the country.  In 1979, he became

a licensed minister at Trinity All Nations Church in Chicago, Illinois, under the mentoring and

leadership of the late Dr. Rev. Evelyn Henderson Davis. Later that year, he was ordained by

Dr. Davis and became the Assistant Pastor until 1981. It was in late December 26, 1981

Bishop Baymon was appointed pastor of Trinity All Nations Church in Memphis, Tennessee,

whose name was later changed to Holy Temple Cathedral of Deliverance. 


In 1996 he received a Bachelor’s of Religious Education from Arkansas Theological Seminary.

  In addition, he received his Masters of Divinity, Doctorate of Philosophy and Religion and a

Doctorate of Divinity from Arkansas

Theological Seminary. 


After years of preaching, teaching, and pasturing Bishop Baymon was consecrated to the office

of Bishop at Trinity All Nations Church in Chicago, Illinois.  Since that time, he has been elected

to serve on the Board of Bishops of the Light of the World Ministries and presides over the

Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Missouri jurisdictions. He oversees churches in Louisiana,

Arkansas and Chicago.


In addition to a great passion for singing, teaching and preaching, in his leisure he enjoys

reading, fishing, and spending time with this wonderful church family.  As a minister who

preaches the unadulterated word of God, countless souls have been saved, healed and



Bishop Baymon can be seen on the television broadcast on Cable Television – Channel 31,

Sunday at 7:00 p.m. central standard time.

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